Our Const Parties

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Who we are?

We are group of the players who aimed to command gameplay. We want to embrace all content of Albion Online, like a GvG, HG, ZvZ open world fight, and maybe Gang too. We called Snakepit, and we never forget.

What means Const Party?

I think that may be new words for you, but our community working with such structure from 2009. How it works, Guild subdivided for groups, this groups have a leader and semi-leader for help. This group’s called Constant Party’s, because players play together, always. They try to play each other every time to rise there command skill. So they support each other, every Const Party have there own economy system. Sometimes people's say’s that Const party is the little clan in the guild. In a sense, it really is. In this case much easier to structure people.

What we want to do?

Our the first goal is recruit to our group till 20 players, to get good Open World group. And create good 5 group to HG and GvG. The second step is to break up 20 players to 4 5 groups, that can farm HG too.

Which players are we need?

-Mystic in Light armor
-Tank with Morning Star
-Tank with Great Hammer
-Tank with Great Hammer or Morning Star
-Holy Heal
-Holy Heal
-Druid Heal
-Firemage with artifact staff
-Firemage with artifact staff

-Firemage with Great Fire Staff
-Heavy Crossbow

What are our requirements?

Minimal requirements for aspirant is:

Requirements for character::

  • Can wear T6+ for his build

  • Have 25 masteries for his build

  • T7 Reaver

  • Self-reliance
Requirement for player::

  • Having a TS and having a good microphone

  • Availability and use of Discord

  • Age 21+

  • Compliance with the prime time of the CP 17: 00-21: 00 UTC

All .2 and .3 resources are hand over to guild for a great goal. We don’t care about everything else.

All loot from the mass events goes to the general treasury, which can be used if necessary.
Guild tax for silver is 40%.