Application: Moneymike2g

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  1. 1. Your name, age, country / city:
    Michael, 18, United States: Cleveland, Ohio

    2.Provide an in-game screenshot of your character login page in Albion / or planned name of your character:

    3. Prime-time (in GMT) (the time you are willing to spend on the game, for example: from 20-00 to 01-00 GMT daily):
    9-00 to 16-00 GMT

    4. Your contact details. Specify a number of ways to contact you (Skype - required)
    Skype: Michael Hanzal
    Discord: Moneymike2g#4087

    5. The gaming experience. Describe as detailed as possible in the MMO, with the indication projects, names of characters, guilds and achievements:
    I play a lot of League of Legends and Steam games. This is my first hard core MMO that I've been really interested in.

    6. What is your level of founder's pack? (Legendary / epic / veteran).

    Veteran Founder, Legendary Starter

    7. Are there friends in the guild?

    I hope to make some.

    8. Which group would you like to join. (Our list of active CP (update soon))

    Any would do.

    9. Did you participate in the last stages of testing of Albion? What did you have in Albion ?:

    The last beta for a couple of weeks.