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Тема в разделе "Recruits", создана пользователем Madnool, 9 окт 2017.

  1. Madnool

    Madnool Nilfgaard Recruits SnakePit

    1. Your name, age, country / city:

    My name is Dimitri, 25 years old, live in france near Paris

    2.Provide an in-game screenshot of your character login page in Albion/ or planned name of your character:
    healer nature, T8 fiber: [​IMG]

    3. Prime-time (in GMT) (the time you are willing to spend on the game, for example: from 20-00 to 01-00 GMT daily):
    11.00 to 01.00 ingame time or 20.00 to 10.00 ingame time when i have hollyday

    4. Your contact details. Specify a number of ways to contact you (Skype - required)
    madnool#4851 (discord)
    Dimitri Voisin (skype)

    5. The gaming experience. Describe as detailed as possible your experience in an MMO, with the indication projects, names of characters, guilds and achievements [/ b]:
    i have play a lot of MMO (diablo2, WOW [pré-bc], aion, POE, diablo3, trove) allways i try to be the best in pvp , the last mmo i have play i have stand one year #1 in the classment.

    6. What is your level of founder's pack? (Legendary / epic / veteran).


    7. Are there friends in the guild?


    8. Which group would you like to join. (Our list of active CP(update soon))

    snake pit, GVG, HG, WC, open fight

    9. Did you participate at the last stages of testing of Albion? What Guilds have you been a part of in Albion?:

    no i didn't know this game at this time. only one guilde: Articulo Mortis [/ b]
  2. Arnovald

    Arnovald Nilfgaard Officer SnakePit

    Give him access. I'll take this one
  3. Lancaster

    Lancaster Mthrl's CP Команда форума Nilfgaard