Тема в разделе "Guild applications for foreign players", создана пользователем Pasimega, 24 окт 2017.

  1. 1. Your name, age, country / city:

    My name is Pascal, everyone calls me Pasi tho, am 20 and live in Germany, Esslingen

    2.Provide an in-game screenshot of your character login page in Albion/ or planned name of your character:


    3. Prime-time (in GMT) (the time you are willing to spend on the game, for example: from 20-00 to 01-00 GMT daily):

    Prime-time is 17-21 GMT

    4. Your contact details. Specify a number of ways to contact you (Skype - required)

    - Skype: thepasimega
    - Discord: Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄ƷPasi#5680
    - E-Mail:

    5. The gaming experience. Describe as detailed as possible your experience in an MMO, with the indication projects, names of characters, guilds and achievements :

    I played runescape casually for about an year (Username Pasimega) but had no real mmo experience that's worth mentioning.

    6. What is your level of founder's pack? (Legendary / epic / veteran).

    Veteran (Legendary Starter as I was to late to upgrade founder)

    7. Are there friends in the guild?


    8. Which group would you like to join. (Our list of active CP(update soon))

    I am looking for a hellgate team.
    Build: 1h holy, eye of secrets, mercenary hood, mage robe, assassin shoes
    My build is T8 and I have 91 specs for my weapon.

    9. Did you participate at the last stages of testing of Albion? What Guilds have you been a part of in Albion?:

    I bought the game in beta but never really played it.